Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion Announced

Capcom had the honors of being the first publisher to kick off the Nintendo Direct and they did it with style! Delivering us the reveal trailer for Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise’s featured expansion which many Monster Hunter gamers have been looking for, hunters will need to hone their blades and cultivate their wirebugs for another ride on the Nintendo Switch exclusive title.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak © 2021, 2022 Capcom Co., LTD

In the minute-long teaser trailer, we spotted a Rathalos in flight fleeing from an unknown threat. The scene then cuts to a ruined castle which serves as a dwelling for a new and unnamed Elder Dragon that spreads its wings and takes flight, releasing a very ominous cry.

The trailer leaves everyone wanting more, ending with a message that this is a “massive expansion” along with a release window of Summer 2022. And just like that, Monster Hunter Rise gets its much-anticipated expansion. Sunbreak is going to be a paid expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. No set price has been announced at this time.

Capcom has already opened up a website for the upcoming expansion, but for the moment, there’s no additional information except for an upcoming “Monster Hunter Spotlight” on September 30th at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

As more news comes our way for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, we’ll make sure to deliver it to you!

Are you excited for the next chapter in Monster Hunter Rise? Hit us up on discord (we have a Monster Hunter server) and let us know!

SOURCE: Capcom (via Nintendo Direct)

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