Boss Rush Banter: Which PS5 Game Are You Anticipating the Most?

Getting backstage. Finding a parking spot when you’re late. Going unnoticed by the professor when you aren’t ready to speak and are trying to blend in: these are all things that are easier than finding a PS5. A year into this gen of consoles, and the simple fact of buying one is a bigger game than anything on offer for the coveted new system. But maybe that’s changing?

Thankfully then, the march of games into a truly new generation has been as slow as the trickle of PlayStation 5 consoles into online and retail storefronts. So, whether you are still on the hunt, sitting out the frustration, or one of the lucky few, there are games on the horizon for all of us. And speaking of horizons. . .

My own excitement over owning a PS5 comes with the arrival of two games: Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring. I found Horizon Zero Dawn soon after a complete break from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. And for as often as those two games are compared, Horizon did all the things for me that Zelda preferred to eschew. And this is coming from a huge Zelda fan and a pretty big hater of map & checklist games. Aloy and her adventures are pure joy.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, represents the first time I’ve been this hyped for a release since my childhood. See, I’ve always treated FromSoftware games as covert co-op games. They’re brilliant at it! And because they are not strictly intended to be, but rather allowed to be, my group has to earn our play sessions together: helping each other find the consumable items required to initiate co-op and keep each other alive during invasions. They are truly thrilling video games. Now here comes Elden Ring, stomping like a hundred-handed giant, promising to integrate co-op more smoothly than any Fromsoft game so far. Between those two games, I am more than happy to bid my PS4 farewell. But for any of us who can’t, both games will thankfully be cross-gen releases, as well.

What’s your take? Which soon-to-be-released PS5 games are you pysched on? Do you have a PS5, or are you trying to secure one before their release? Tell us below or come talk over on our Discord. Happy hunting!

Source: Tom’s Guide

Image Source: Kotaku

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