Boss Rush Banter: Should a Developer Make a Game Focused on The Flash?

Over the past several years, comic book fans have been treated to a slew of high-quality games featuring their favorite superheroes, including the Arkham series, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. And with announcements late last year of new games such as The Wolverine, Midnight Sons, Spider-Man 2, Gotham Knights, and Suicide Squad, it looks like the superhero boom is here to stay. There is one character who, though he has been a member of ensemble games, has never gotten a solo-outing all to himself: The Flash. Since today is the 32nd birthday of The Flash star Grant Gustin, it seems like the perfect time to discuss whether or not a developer should make a solo Flash game.

Personally, I think a game about the Flash would be a ton of fun to play. Imagine a game like Forza Horizon 5; a huge open world that you are able to traverse with lightning speed at your finger tips. I’m not saying I think the game should focus on races, although the occasional side-quest race with other super-powered speedsters could be fun. What I’m really talking about here is the ability to travel across a map using just the heroes two feet. Get where ever you need to go just by running. Time trials, environmental obstacles–so many things can force you to speed up and slow down that the game play would be varied and challenging.

Furthermore, the source material is ripe with gripping, engaging stories to tell. Imagine a time-travel saga where the Flash, as he often does in comics and on the TV show, has to go back in time to change the future? Or where he is able to travel to the future and see the impacts of his decisions? Think Ocarina of Time, but more fisticuffs.

What do you think? Does the Flash deserve his own game? Or should he stick to the team-up ensemble pieces? Let us know down in the comments or continue the discussion in our Discord!

Image Source: Screen Rant

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