Nintendo Takes the Cake, Bringing Portal: Companion Collection to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that one of Valve’s most beloved games, Portal, is coming to the Nintendo Switch, alongside its sequel, Portal 2, in the form of Portal: Companion Collection later this year. This marks the first time these games have been available on a Nintendo console.

While there is no new content released with the games, Portal 2 will be offering local, online, and split-screen multiplayer modes, allowing for many more fun game night options for you and your friends. 

As of now, there has been no official release date. However, this Nintendo Direct was said to focus on games released in the “first half” of 2022, so it’s very likely that Portal: Companion Collection is looking at a spring or summer release of this year. You can check out the trailer here:

With the original games now each being over a decade old, hopefully Portal: Companion Collection is able to introduce a whole new generation into it’s fun, and a little bit creepy, story.

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Image Source: Nintendo

Source: Nintendo

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