Nintendo Reveals Splatoon 3: Salmon Run Next Wave

In the February 9 Nintendo Direct, one of Nintendo’s flagship series, Splatoon, had a big moment to shine.

Following last year’s announcement trailer, fans may have expected the next news to show off the third installment’s take on Splatoon‘s signature Turf War mode. Instead, they were treated to two and a half minutes of what might arguably be the mode that keeps players coming back: Salmon Run.

Officially titled “Salmon Run Next Wave,” the trailer features plenty of gameplay, three salmonid boss characters, and just enough squid kid kit to have you hitting pause. Perhaps as important as seeing the game in action, is continued confirmation that the game will arrive this year. A title card at the end of the trailer shares “Summer 2022” as its launch. Considering the last few years of delays and reschedules across all video game platforms, it’s nice to see Splatoon 3 swimming right along. Make sure to play the trailer all the way through for a stinger I won’t spoil here!

Are you excited for Splatoon 3? Did you find yourself coming back to Salmon Run when your favorite maps would pop up on the schedule? Let us know in the comments, or bring the conversation to our Discord.

Source: Nintendo

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