Boss Rush Banter: Does The Slate of New Mario Kart 8 Tracks Make Up for the Lack of a True Sequel?

Playing Mario Kart is like eating pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. This past weekend was a rush of familiar old fun. My daughters and I fired up Grand Prix mode as soon as the two new cups had finished downloading. My older daughter continued to frustrate and surprise me with how often she could crush and humiliate me. My younger daughter slotted in as the comic relief for when her dad and sister were at loggerheads. One thing I haven’t done is teach my girls to hit the right tone of trash talk: It’s either hurt feelings or nothing! Who knew gentle ribbing was so hard to get right?

At any rate, we’ve been loving it. But like so much of how Nintendo does business, what we’re given as fans feels like a short walk from what we deserve. In this case, a full-fat Mario Kart 9. See, I’ve been playing some iteration of Mario Kart 8 since these same daughters weren’t even old enough to be allowed safe screen-viewing time. MK8 was a day-one purchase for me on Wii U, and I’ve upgraded each time Nintendo has added to it. But once Animal Crossing had its moment, and Mario Kart 9 still hadn’t been announced, I think any kind of DLC was going to feel like a let down. In previous eight-year periods, the nonexistent Mario Kart 9 would be getting long in the tooth itself. AR toy cars notwithstanding.

So, I’m disappointed. That’s life. I’m still going to have a blast with my fam each time a couple of new grand prix cups drop. But along with those good times will be the nagging feeling that Nintendo owes us something newer and even more exciting. If remixing Mario Kart‘s past is their aim, perhaps a game that mixes all the series’ previous gimmicks? Just imagine teaming up in a Double Dash kart and hurling your character’s special item at an online opponent on Mario Kart 8‘s Ribbon Road!

But what’s your take? Is this year of new tracks enough to ease the lack of Mario Kart 9? Where would you like to see the series go? Tell us in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord!

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