Xbox Game Pass Family Plan on the Way

Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft is set to announce a Family Plan for their incredibly popular Game Pass service. Exact details though are not currently known.

Microsoft debuted Game Pass in 2017. The subscription service gives users access to hundreds of games from a rotating catalog, and includes first party Microsoft titles on their launch date.

As of January 18, 2022, the service has had more than 25 million subscribers across Android, iOS, IPad, Windows 10 and 11, and Xbox platforms.

Currently, the pricing model for Game Pass only lets users pay per month at $9.99 USD for the standard, and $14.99 USD for the Ultimate package. It is unknown what the family plan pricing would be, and if it will allow users to pay in other installments.

Windows Central does state that the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will give five players access to the entire library, and will be “far cheaper” than paying for five separate accounts.

The release date for this service is currently not known, but Windows Central explains that Microsoft is gearing up for launch “sometime this year.”

This news comes after Sony unveiled earlier this week a new PlayStation Plus model that is designed to function more like Microsoft’s Game Pass. This may or may not be in response to Sony’s own service, which currently does not have a Family Plan associated with it.

Have you been waiting for a Family Plan to become available for Game Pass? Do you currently use Game Pass? If not, will this entice you to jump onboard? We’ll keep you posted when the Family Plan’s details are officially revealed, but until then let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our Discord!

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Source: Windows Central

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