Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Preferred Horror Game Tactic, Fight or Flight?

Throughout my life I’ve played many game genres on all types of systems and setups, but there are certain types of games that get your heart pumping more and leave your senses on high alert. We have probably all played at least one horror game in the video games we have tried and maybe you already know if it’s a genre you can handle, but is there a subcategory of horror you can and can’t participate in or you avoid altogether?  

I love that within a genre you can have such a variety of game mechanics, story, and immersion. When it comes to horror, I have experienced all sorts of these various aspects, but after playing a substantial amount of games within this genre I have narrowed down what I prefer and what I tend to run from. Here are a few thoughts on what I have experienced.

When I play a horror game, I try to watch the trailer and get a feel for the game. This is a good way to sift through what you may or may not enjoy. But what really determines if I will or will not like a game is it a fight or a flight type of game. What I mean by this is do you get to have an arsenal of Weapons to defend yourself like in Resident Evil? Or do you have to get through the game with something that is solely based on hiding, running, dodging or even luck such as in Outlast?   


I am a big into third or first-person horror games, especially when the character is stacked with an arsenal of ways to take out the hordes of horror themed hellions. Being able to take out something that is hunting or haunting you feels wonderful, knowing that you can protect yourself in that virtual world. This command over your own life makes me enjoy these types of horror experiences much more. 


So thinking of games that don’t utilize a weapon I think of games such as Amnesia and Outlast. These types of games make me experience a more panicked approach to horror and though I attempt to play them with a lantern or camera in hand, it usually ends up with me switching to a different game altogether. It may not be for me, but maybe that approach at a horror game did its job to cause me panic and should be applauded to that effect.

So what do you play in the horror genre? Can you even play horror to begin with? Do you play more fight or flight types of games? What are some of your favorite horror games or series? I would love to know your thoughts unless of coarse it scares you.

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