Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Shirts Leak From Japanese Fashion Brand UNIQLO

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic JRPG franchise Final Fantasy, and Square Enix plans to deliver a variety of special projects to help celebrate the occasion.

One such project appears to be a collaboration with Japanese casualwear brand UNIQLO, as the company recently posted a series of limited edition shirts on their Vietnamese website before quickly taking them down.

The site listed 16 shirts total, one for each mainline Final Fantasy game, including the yet-to-be-released Final Fantasy XVI.

Nothing is ever truly lost on the internet however, as advantageous fans were quick to archive the listing. Images of the apparel have been shared across social media. You can peek at the dreads in the pictures below.

At the time of this reporting, there has been no official comment from either Square Enix or UNIQLO, thus a release date has yet to be disclosed.

Which of these shirts is your favorite? Will you be nabbing any (or all) of them once they officially hit shelves? Tell us your thoughts in the below comments and on our official Discord server!

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Source: Kakucho Purei, Final Fantasy

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