Syphon Filter Adds Trophies to PlayStation Plus Premium

Sony has been drip feeding us news regarding its expanded online service to PlayStation Plus for the past few months. The three tiers will offer included games for PS5, PS4, and expand into their classics going back to the original PlayStation. A full breakdown of the services, including pricing and launch date, can be found here. However, it now appears that the PS1 classic, Syphon Filter, will be including trophies for players to earn.

GamingBible reports the news from a shared trophy collected titled “An Explosive Start”, which can be viewed below. At this time it is unclear whether other classics will add these incentives for players to find, but it would be an odd decision if that is not the case.

Syphon Filter includes trophies to the PlayStation Plus Premium service.

Does this added feature to classic games motivate you to move up a tier for the PlayStation service? Will this only be added to PS1 games, or will PS2 games be included as well? Let us know what games you wish to have trophies included in the comments below. Be sure to join the BossRush Discord to continue the conversation on games, snacks, entertainment, and more.

Sources: GamingBible and YouTube

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