PSP Game Resistance: Retribution Rated for PS4, PS5 in Korea

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has recently rated the PSP title Resistance: Retribution for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. This is on the heels of Sony’s relaunch of PlayStation Plus, which promises to provide classic games from a multitude of past consoles, including the PlayStation Portable.

Screen capture of Resistance: Retribution rating being listed on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea’s website.

Resistance: Retribution originally launched on March 12, 2009, and was developed by Bend Studio, the minds behind Syphon Filter, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Days Gone. Retribution was a third-person shooter sequel to the PS3 first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man. The game cast players as James Crayson, a former British Marine, who takes up arms against the invading alien Chimeras.

The revamped PlayStation Plus is currently only available in Asian markets, but will be launching in Japan, the Americas, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia over the next month.

At present, only Resistance 3 is slated to appear on the platform, but with this new rating from Korea, we can maybe expect the entire franchise to grace the service in the near future.

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Source: GRAC Korea, Games DB

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