Summer Game Fest Includes Aliens: Dark Descent Announcement

What we found was a new kind of evil…and it found us first.

-Aliens Dark Descent World Premier Trailer

The world premier trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent dropped early on in the Summer Game Fest presentation. With lots of gore and suspense, this new game in the franchise is set to release some time in 2023.

Image courtesy of Summer Game Fest

What We Know So far:

There is an outbreak of Xenomorphs on Moon Lethe, and you need to command your Colonial Marines through real-time combat from both Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani Corps rogue operatives. We are likely to see a variety of creatures, ranging from Alien Queens, Facehuggers, and Praetorians.

In Aliens: Dark Descent, you can customize your team with a variety of classes. Battle and level them up with weapons, perks, armor, and unique abilities. The game puts you in charge of the health–and sanity–of your crew.

Check out the trailer if you missed it:

Trailer courtesy of Focus Entertainment

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Source: Focus Entertainment, Summer Game Fest

Image Source: Summer Game Fest

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