Summer Game Fest: The Callisto Protocol Gets New Trailer and Gameplay Reveal

The Callisto Protocol, heir-apparent to Dead Space, was heavily featured in the first round of Summer Game Fest presentations. Releasing this December, The Callisto Protocol looks amazing. And disturbing.

The game’s director, Glen Schofield (who also produced Dead Space), presented two new videos: a hyper-violent extended cut of the previous trailer, and two-and-a-half uninterrupted minutes of gameplay. Have a look, if you dare.

Callisto Protocol at Summer Game Fest 2022

For fans of Dead Space, nods to memorable moments from that series are on clear display. However, The Callisto Protocol appears to be working hard to forge its own identity within the sci fi horror genre.

Are you excited for The Callisto Protocol? Does Dead Space have anything to do with how you feel? Let us know in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord!

Source: Summer Game Fest 2022, Gamespot

Featured Image: Krafton, Inc

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