Power Up with this Stunning Cover of the Metroid Title Theme

Musician Aaron Grubb is at it again with another classic Nintendo cover. His latest piece is a stunning rendition of “Title Theme” from Metroid. The iconic game released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

When asked about his decision to cover the song, Grubb explained that he’s always loved The Legend of Zelda and has done most of his musical covers from that franchise, but that he would like to expand his range of content. Grubb has also performed original music for the Pokémon franchise via his musician alias Another Mulligan.

Grubb often works with independent artists to create unique cover art for each of his releases. For the release of “Metroid Theme,” artist Aurélien Mohr created the image below:

Image courtesy of Aurélien Mohr, Aaron Grubb.

For more music from Aaron Grubb, check out his Linktree page. You can also find more art from Aurélien Mohr on Instagram.

Tell us what you think! Did you enjoy this cover of Metroid‘s “Title Theme” from Aaron Grubb? What other classic video game songs would you like to see him cover next? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the discussion on Boss Rush Network’s Discord server and Facebook page.

Source: Aaron Grubb

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