Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Borderlands DLC?

The Borderlands series has always hit a sweet spot for me. The frantic FPS action mixed with the loot system of the Diablo series, along with a dash of offbeat humor, makes the series standout against any of its more serious-minded brethren, like Destiny or Outriders. But there’s always a point in time where you’ve just done everything you can in the base game. Your level 72 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Gunzerker build is maxed out with nothing to do. But thanks to the magic of digital capitalism, we can now download brand new adventures for our Vault Hunters to completely wreck. With all that being said, what is your favorite Borderlands DLC?

The key to what makes the Borderlands DLC memorable and noteworthy is how all the releases are personality based, usually introducing a new character that acts as a guide and/or antagonist provoking you the entire playthrough. If that character was memorable by personality, served a purpose unfulfilled by anyone else, and wasn’t defeated in an awesome boss battle, they were lucky enough to be etched into the lore and canon, getting at least referenced in future games.   

For the life of the series, there were 2 styles of content. You had the usual Campaigns releases, including new maps, weapons, characters, and boss battles to farm. But for the duration of Borderlands 2, there were a handful of smaller releases, known as the Headhunter packs, which were a much smaller scale release, featuring one new map and a boss battle. While the concept didn’t stick around for future releases, it was an interesting idea to keep a game’s lifecycle going for a few extra months. 

For me, “Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage” from Borderlands 2 takes the top spot. It introduces the character of Mr. Torgue, the over-the-top owner of the Torgue corporation, whose entire line of products are all explosive type weapons. To keep in line with how crazy the weapons are, Mr. Torgue SPEAKS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND ******G SWEAR WORDS BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST LIKE THAT, MEEDELLEYMOW! He has some of the best written lines in the entire game and pretty much became my favorite character in the entire series because of this release.

Honorable mention goes to “Commander Lillith and the Fight for Sanctuary”. To release a free (at the time) expansion, years after most support was gone from the game, as a promotion for the next game coming out is a really risky move. And to even add new concepts, like the Effervescent weapons,which are higher than Legendary tier, and then practically forget them as soon as Borderlands 3 released, makes you appreciate the hard work for the sneeze level length of time people were going to pay attention to this release.

What about you? What Borderlands DLC did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below, or in the Boss Rush Discord

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