Monthly Nindie Highlights

What does the month of July have in store for indie games on the Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out by checking a list of indie games releasing this month. I’ve taken the time to highlight on a few that piqued my interest, followed by a list of more great looking games!

Time On Frog Island

Developer: Half Past Yellow

Publisher: Merge Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, & PC

Release Date: July 12, 2022

Video courtesy of Nintendo

Time On Frog Island is a sandbox island game with lots of scenery to explore! Shipwrecked on a strange island with frogs and your ship in pieces. Search and trade for materials to fix your ship, solve puzzles and look for hidden treasures! Make friends with all the fun looking characters around the island and definitely explore as much as possible. This game looks to be such a relaxing experience for any one looking for a cozy game night. Time On Frog Island is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

Krut The Mythic Wings

Developer: RSU Horizon, Good Job Multimedia, Pixel Perfex

Publisher: Blowfish Studios

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Release Date: July 12, 2022

Video courtesy of PlayStation Australia

Looking for a fast-paced hack and slash platformer on an enchanted island? Look no further with Krut The Mythic Wings! A creative word full of mystical creatures and magic. This 3-D side scrolling adventure takes place with a Garuda warrior ready to fight the evil off his island. Full of special moves and neat looking combos, you can grab your wings and get to flying in this high action adventure now available in the Nintendo eShop.


Developer: Wayforward

Publisher: Wayforward

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Release Date: July 14, 2022

Video courtesy of WayForward

Ready to take on dinosaur-spider hybrid beast! Get yourself armed to the teeth in Spidersaurs with an arsenal of weapons. This wild run and gun can also be played with a friend, so no need to feel alone while gunning down those Dino spider hybrids! Grab power-ups and new abilities to add more ways to gun through each level! Engaging environments like jungles, laboratories, volcanoes and more! This will be available on the Nintendo eShop July 14


Developer: Exe Create Inc.

Publisher: KEMCO

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Release Date: July 7, 2022

Video courtesy of KEMCO

Overrogue is a deck building roguelike that offers six different dungeon labyrinths that are themed based on card genres! Have a different deck experience as you progress through each labyrinth’s theme. This will feature turn-based card battles, over 300 types of cars and 150 types of treasures. If you’re a fan of roguelike card games, download this today on the Nintendo eShop!

Endling–Extinction is Forever

Developer: Herobeat Studios

Publisher: Herobeat Studios, HandyGames

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Release Date: July 19, 2022

Video courtesy of Nintendo

In this adorable, heartfelt, and caring adventure, a mother Fox has to protect and care for her cubs as she watches her world falling apart due to humanity’s disruptive ways. The humans corrupt, pollute, and destroy the precious habitat of this fox and her cubs.

As they’re coming close to extinction, you’ll have to teach, help, and save the cubs to continue the life of the Fox. Make sure to keep shelter or stay stealthy at night! You can hunt animals to feed your cubs and also be hunted by other wild animals. Get ready for some big emotional decisions to take on when playing Endling–Extinction is Forever and do your best to stop dangers from causing you and your cubs to go extinct. Delve in July 19, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch!

More July 2022 Indie Release Dates:

Parasite Pack: July 1

Jetboy & The Randomizer of Doom: July 1

Beasties: July 1

Nincat: July 2

Timber Story: July 4

Quintus and the Absent Truth: July 6

Cursed Island: July 6

Overrogue: July 7

Our Summer Sports: July 7

Harlow: July 7

The Galactic Junkers: July 7

Apico: July 7

Time on Frog Island: July 12

Krut The Mythic Wings: July 12

Darker Skies: July 14

Grobot: July 14

Hunter X: July 14

Mothmen 1966: July 14

Spidersaurs: July 14

Worth Life: July 14

XEL: July 14

Endling Extinction is Forever: July 19

Bunny Must Die Chelsea & the 7 Devils: July 20

Aery Vikings: July 21

River City Saga 3 Kingdoms: July 21

Do any of these games stand out to you? We would love for you to express your thoughts in the comment section below or hop on over to the Boss Rush Discord! Remember to check back each month for more indie releases!

Featured Image: Herobeat Studios

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