Are You Part of the 1% of Netflix Subscribers Who Play from Its Current Game Library?

In early November of 2021 Netflix launched its gaming sector with the release of five games, Stranger Things: 1984Stranger Things 3, Teeter Up, Shooting Hoops, and Card Blast. Since the initial release the list has grown to 26 with a plan to have about 50 games in the library by years end. This is a manageable goal for Netflix as they have been acquiring a few indie studios and making deals with other gaming companies to bring games to the media giants’ portfolio.

Currently today Neflix has over 221 million subscribers who use the platform, however according to data collected by a tracking group called Apptopia, a minuscule portion of around 1.7 million users have downloaded and played the games. Though it has only been around 9 months since launch, Netflix will have to see where the return investment lies as it continues to expand with titles such as Into the Breach, Exploding Kittens, Moonlighter, and Spiritfarer. With the loss of subscribers due to rising costs in the market globally we can see how this may lower the current users for this service, so we will have to watch and see how Netflix strategically tries to advertise and promote Netflix games and navigate its obtainable roadmap.

So how do you Netflix and chill? Have you tried the Netflix gaming app at all? Did you even know it was available to begin with? I will be checking out what they have available later today, hope you try it out as well. Let us know your thoughts on the topic.

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