Boss Rush Banter: Will Nintendo and Netflix Team Up to Bring New Mobile Games to the Switch?

Remember on the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and 3DS when you could access and watch Netflix at home and on the go? I sure do, though I must admit it was not very often. Normally when I would fire up the Wii or the Wii U, it was to play games, because that was its main function and watching Netflix on my original 3DS was less than glamorous. I would have to be very desperate if I were to watch anything on the tiny handheld console. But with the Switch being so versatile and Netflix recently announcing the launch of their mobile gaming division, could the two companies once again forge a match destined to be a success?

The Switch has been practically printing money on all fronts for Nintendo and many other companies that are associated with the platform. Some ways of obtaining that cash are a bit sketchier than others; I’m looking at you Nintendo Online Service plus Expansion Pass–but nonetheless a lucrative endeavor. Netflix is a big entity with much to offer and maybe in the past it might not have made a lot of profit on Nintendo platforms, but the Switch is a different case. The Switch is saturated throughout the globe with around 90 million units sold and Netflix even more so with 209 million current subscribers. So, what is preventing a team up between these companies?

I’m not sure where the disconnect could lie in this situation: perhaps low usage on previous platforms was not producing money or possible it is a licensing agreement? Could Netflix or Nintendo have an issue with security leaks or some programming dilemma? Whatever the case may be, it seems that by now Netflix should be on the system–though Nintendo only just brought standard Bluetooth to the console four years after launch.

With Netflix having mobile games currently available to play, it would make perfect sense for it to be on the Switch with its ability to encompass the Netflix Games and touch only environment. The two entities would thrive with the abilities of gaming and media consumption available in docked mode and on the go. I’m quite surprised that it has not happened yet, and it would behoove both parties to make it available on the Switch platform, because if there is one thing that I know about businesses, it is that they are there to make a service and collect the money. So, Nintendo and Netflix make this merger take place at a quicker pace; I guarantee you will not regret it.

What do you think the reason is as of why Netflix is not on the Nintendo Switch? Would you like to see Netflix on the Switch and do you think you would utilize the services it offers? Do you enjoy mobile games? What are your feelings on the matter?

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