Boss Rush Banter: What Could a Miiverse 2.0 Look Like On Switch?

It was 2012, and I bought a Wii U from my local GameStop. I set up the console, transferred my data from the Wii, and I was ready to start playing my new console and check out the features it had to offer. Well, before I could do this, my Wii U bricked, and I had to send it into Nintendo and wait a week. When it returned from the de-bricking factory, the first thing I ended up checking out was the Miiverse, Nintendo’s own social media platform.   

Miiverse was an interesting concept that was a mashup of text, handwritten messages, and also the ability to create pictures. It allowed users to read threads and comment on games or topics that piqued their interest. This was a big community application that not only was on Wii U, but also came later to the Nintendo 3DS in late 2013. The overall service lasted around 5 years, finally coming to an end in late 2017. For being such a fun and wholesome community application, could we see a return to a similar platform in the future?

I posted to Miiverse consistently and made a few friends along the way, and I was disappointed when they announced its retirement. My creativity bloomed on the platform, and I long to have this opportunity to let that creativity surface again. I hope that Nintendo realizes that this would be a great addition to the Switch platform. The magic of Switch breeds a perfect playground for what Miiverse did offer and what it could potentially offer. How? Well, the install base meshed with today’s usage of social media platforms could make something special for Nintendo fans.

Imagine incorporating Miiverse with all aspects of the Switch by having game communities accessible right from the game or even from your mobile phone. Imagine being able to take screen shots and asking questions for tips, tricks, or hints, or posting to Miiverse for healthy discussion, accessing voice chat in game with friends. Or even simply drawing a picture for fun. Nintendo could run contests for art creation, best screenshots, or memes. The possibilities of having a strong positive community that I know are already present could bring it to the forefront and create more opportunities for Nintendo, gamers, and developers. We all want to feel like we belong, and this could be a fantastic haven for many of us.

What do you think Nintendo’s plan is for its future community plans? Why do you think they shut down Miiverse originally? Do you think a revamped Miiverse has a place in today’s social media heavy environment? Have you used this platform in the past and what would you do to improve it?   

Share your reactions below or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.  

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