How to Level Up Quickly in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

With the recent release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the game has been shaping up above standards for fans old and new. Most Japanese Role-Playing (JRPG) games include a lot of grinding for experience points to level each character in a player’s party. Let’s see what are some fast efficient ways of leveling in the new release Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we have many possibilities for leveling up which include:

  • completing every quest
  • cooking or crafting
  • fighting legendary and lucky enemies
  • achieving overkill bonus with chain attacks

What is the Fastest Way to Level Up?

This would be a combination of two steps, and it starts with cooking at rest spots.

  • When arriving at a rest stop, click on the cooking selection and scroll through recipes.
  • Cook a recipe with a nice exp. boost and keep that readily available for when it’s time to battle a bunch of enemies or legendary enemies.
  • Also, saving these right before completing a fetch quest can give a nice boost but fighting has been most efficient in my experience.

Keep in mind that these meal effects will only last for a specific duration, so keep an eye on the time. Cook, eat, fight and repeat until you’ve reached that desired level to move on to harder enemies and you’re not struggling as often.

If You’re Still Having a Difficult Time Leveling Up Quickly…

  • Consider lowering the difficulty to easy, grind as mentioned above, and bump the difficulty back up when progressing the story

Regardless of how you achieve your exp., remember to enjoy the game and have fun. If you’re feeling frustrated, it’s okay to lower the difficultly to make for a more enjoyable experience

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Also remember, level doesn’t always matter when it comes to games like the Xenoblade franchise. Make sure to learn the battle system and combos to get the most out of your Xenoblade experience. If you’d like to hear more on how to battle most efficiently, comment below or join us for a conversation in the Boss Rush Discord!

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  1. I also find hoarding the bonus EXP and then using it at the campfires can provide a much needed boost if needed! Great tips, I’ve been loving this game so much so far. 🙂

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