PODCAST: Splatoon 3 Details, Hogwarts Legacy Delay, and a TMNT Giveaway – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 306

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Splatoon 3 Details and Hogwarts Legacy Delay

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In this episode, Edward and Corey are back to talk about Corey’s vacation and all of the food he ate as well as discuss the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct, Hogwarts Legacy, Midnight Suns, Tactics Ogre, and more.

Time Stamps:

0:00 | Welcome to Nintendo Pow Block | Updates and Housekeeping

10:43 | Giveaway: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga Collection

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33:05 | Snacktendo

55:42 | Playing With Power!

  • Death’s Door
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Wave 1 & 2
  • Tetris Effect
  • NBA 2K22
  • MLB The Show 22

1:26:45 | Show and Tell

  • Darksiders III
  • Metroid Dread
  • Smash Pad Adapter


1:30:11 | Splatoon 3 Details

Last week, Nintendo gave us a deep dive into Splatoon 3 in its own game specific Nintendo Direct. The Direct showed off returning modes and levels as well as new features like three-team Turf Wars, cool new weapons and abilities, special weapons like the Reefslider, and a photo mode. New amiibo were also shown off, including a yellow inkling, a purple octoling, and a smallfry riding the wave. There also seems to be some sort of experience system that goes beyond a player level allowing for more customization for players. Splatoon 3 swims onto Nintendo Switch September 9, 2022.

1:34:39 | Hogwarts Legacy Delayed with No New Release Date on Switch

This past week, Avalanche and WB Games announced on Twitter that their highly anticipated game set in the Wizarding World, Hogwarts Legacy, has been delayed. While the Xbox and PlayStation version received a new release date of February 10, 2023, the Switch version is not coming on the same day, as the studio simply stated that “The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon.” This isn’t the first time a third party game has had a separate release date from its counterparts, though this was one many were looking to to rid the stigma. Hogwarts Legacy was announced in September 2020 and was originally due out in 2021 before being delayed to Q4 2022 and now Q1 of 2023 along with many other games.

1:43:10 | Marvel’s Midnight Suns delayed with No New Release Date

Speaking of games that have been delayed, Firaxis announced that it’s Marvel card-based strategy game Midnight Suns will not be hitting its targeted release date. In a tweet on August 8, the team announced that there will now be a staggered release date sometime next year with a focus on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 first and the previous generations/Switch versions to follow. Many have speculated that Firaxis is listening to fans less than enthusiastic response to the card system and may be reworking the combat in some way. Firaxis is most notably known for its XCOM revival and the Civilization franchise, both of which are available on Switch in some capacity.

1:56:27 | Tactics Ogre Reborn has officially been revealed for Switch, coming this year

One third party game that is coming out this year is the highly anticipated revival of the classic strategy RPG Tactics Ogre, simply titled Tactics Ogre Reborn. The game is set to release on November 11 and is an updated port of the PSP version Let Us Cling Together. This is the third strategy RPG set to release from Square Enix this year, starting with Triangle Strategy earlier this year and DioField Chronicles set for September. The original game released on Super Nintendo in 1995.

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1:59:21 | Kirby’s Dream Buffet has a release date

A second Kirby game is coming to Switch in 2022? You heard correctly, Kirby’s Dream Buffet is set to get a digital release on August 17 for $14.99. You and three friends can “roll, eat, and Puyo to become the fattest, happiest Kirby on the Block.” There are three mini games set for the game, including a race mode where you dodge obstacles and eat food to make your Kirby bigger, a mini-game mode where you compete by eating as many strawberries as possible, and a battle royale mode where you need to knock other players off the board and steal their strawberries. There’s not much else but could be a fun time waster.

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2:00:52 | Wave Race 64 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Check out the trailer.

Question Block

  • 2:03:13 | Celeste Roberts via Discord: Favorite cute games on Switch?
  • 2:08:42 | David Wayne Nystrom via Discord: If you could trade one first party Nintendo IP for another publisher/developer franchise, what would it be?
  • 2:12:29 | Dan via Discord: What’s the worst Nintendo controller?
  • 2:18:29 | LateToGaming via Twitter: Will we ever have another completely separate, standalone, handheld console from Nintendo?
  • 2:25:59 | Josh Martinez via Twitter: What if question. Let’s say Mario and Zelda games no longer exist. Sad, I know. Who becomes the face of Nintendo? Which two series rise to the top as Nintendo’s power hitters or have the most potential to become such?

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