Boss Rush Banter: What Elements From The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Would You Like to See Return in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Legend of Zelda fans have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Tears of the Kingdom.

While we still don’t know a ton about the new game slated for May 12, 2023, we do know there will be a sense of verticality in it. Trailers and first looks have shown plenty of clips of Link in the sky both flying and on structures.

Furthermore, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD in 2021, breathing new life into a somewhat dark horse in the franchise. This helped many return to the sky and enjoy an underrated classic while potentially setting up its impact on future games.

All that said, it appears Tears of the Kingdom will lean into its older sibling Skyward Sword in terms of location, lore, and mechanics.

So, what elements of Skyward Sword would you like to see return in Tears of the Kingdom?

A Return to Skyward Sword

Personally, I’d love to see loftwings return. The sky was often a dull place in Skyward Sword so riding your loftwing around was often a chore that needed completion before reaching your final destination.

Breath of the Wild showed us just how beautiful it can make landscapes and views. I expect similar and/or improved aesthetics in Tears of the Kingdom. An enhanced landscape would make flying around a lot more fun and enjoyable. 

On top of that, it’d be a blast sneaking up and taming wild loftwings similar to horses and other animals in Breath of the Wild

Photo Credit: Nintendo (via Comic Book)

Another great mechanic that would be a welcome sight is the crafting system. Skyward Sword allowed players to upgrade their weapons at Gondo’s Shop in the Bazaar. It would be great to see that mechanic appear similar to cooking abilities.

I’d also love to see several of the locations return such as Skyloft, Sealed Grounds, and the Ancient Cistern. Many of the Skyward Sword locations were already in ruins so they would fit in well with what appears to be ruins in the sky shown in trailers.

It’d also be fun to explore Hyrule using the time-shift mechanic again. This was, in my opinion, one of Skyward Sword‘s most clever gameplay mechanics and was a blast to utilize.

Skyward Sword also was, in my opinion, one of the best narratives in the entire franchise. There is a lot of great lore and interesting backstory to explore.

I would love to see that element return in Tears of the Kingdom, maybe providing us with a bit of a connection to the earliest points in the Legend of Zelda timeline. We don’t know much after the events of Skyward Sword regarding the sky as The Minish Cap and Twilight Princess are the only times we return.

There are also a host of great races that we’ve never seen again such as the ancient robots, kikwis, mogmas, and parellas that should make a return. Plus, my man Groose needs to make a return in some way, maybe through descendents.

What Do You Think?

Skyward Sword often splits fans regarding their opinions, but it really did a lot for the franchise. I think it did many things right, lending a lot to Breath of the Wild

Whether it’s story, gameplay mechanics, or locations, I’m so excited to see how Skyward Sword returns in Tears of the Kingdom.

What about you? What elements of Skyward Sword would you like to see return in Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord channel.

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