Boss Rush Banter: Which Race Would You Like to Return in Tears of the Kingdom?

We are finally in the same calendar year as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release, which means it’s time for our favorite pastime: speculation.

There were a lot of fun elements surrounding Breath of the Wild that are worthy of discussion. To me, I loved seeing all the references to past games and interacting in a world with races that had largely appeared separate.

Yes, it does bring into question how some can be in the same timeline (looking at the Zora and Rito, for one), but I’m willing to suspend disbelief. 

With the sequel just months away, what other races would you like to see return from other games in Tears of the Kingdom?

My top pick is the Minish/Picori from The Minish Cap. This might not be an obvious pick, but we haven’t seen them since their 2005 debut.

Image Credit: Nintendo (via Nintendo Life)

What makes the Minish an interesting return is they do have ties to the sky and Tears of the Kingdom looks to focus heavenward. At the start of The Minish Cap, legend states the Minish descended from the skies and bestowed the Light Force and the Picori Blade to the hero. 

I could see them returning in a similar fashion to how the Koroks operated, providing a collectible of sorts. Kinstones played a big part in The Minish Cap so who knows. 

Another interesting race is the Oocca from Twilight Princess. Again, I’m going with a race with ties to the sky, but there appears to be some fascinating lore behind this tribe of bird-like creatures.

Players will remember coming in contact with Ooccoo throughout Twilight Princess, but it is upon visiting the City in the Sky that you learn of her true nature. They are considered to be a race even closer to the gods than Hylians. 

You come across other Oocca in the City in the Sky dungeon, but you don’t see them again. A return in Tears of the Kingdom would be great.

Image Credit: Nintendo (via Screen Rant)

There are plenty of other interesting races that could make a return including the Twili from Twilight Princess, the Subrosians from Oracle of Seasons, or the Mogma from Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda has a rich world to draw from so it’ll be interesting to see what creatures, if any, make a return in Tears of the Kingdom.

What do you think? Which Hyrulean race would you like to see return in Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below or by heading over to our Discord channel.

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Featured Image: Nintendo (via GameSpot)

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