Nintendo Unveils New Pokémon Gimmighoul Ahead of Scarlet and Violet Release

Nintendo has revealed to fans the new Pokémon Gimmighoul ahead of the launch of the Scarlet and Violet games on November 18.

This new creature has been teased in recent weeks in the mobile game Pokémon Go, as coins have been appearing on the game’s map for trainers to collect.

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel

Gimmighoul is a unique Pokemon in that they typically hide within chests filled with gold coins, waiting for unsuspecting trainers to approach, and then springing into action. This behavior is very similar to classic “mimic” enemies in traditional RPGs. In some previous games, the Pokemon Voltorb and Electrobe also disguised themselves as Pokeball shaped items, and would attack when interacted with.

In an interesting twist, players can also come upon Gimmighouls who are not hiding in chests. These creatures are very tiny, just slightly bigger than the coins they carry on their back, and they quickly retreat when anyone approaches; it is said that no one has ever been able to catch one that hasn’t made a chest of gold its home.

These two forms of Gimmighoul seem to behave quite differently, and as such have been designated as “Chest Form” and “Roaming Form” respectively; it can be expected that each of the two forms will have some slight differences to their move sets, as well as stats, so trainers should keep an eye out for each.

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel

The Pokémon Company has been teasing several different new Pokémon in the lead up to the new games’ release. Previously, we’ve gotten a look at the three new starter Pokémon, the monkey-like Grafaiai, a region variant of the classic Pokémon Diglett, and more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are hotly anticipated the world over for Nintendo Switch gamers. While the Pokemon franchise has consistently remained popular and profitable in its 25 years of existence, pre-orders for these new titles are already breaking records in Japan, which is quite the mighty feat.


Are you excited for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Will you be picking it up day one? What’s been your favorite new Pokemon reveal, and what do you think of the latest creature shown, Gimmighoul? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section and on our social media pages!

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