Boss Rush Banter: Which Super Mario Galaxy Level is Your Favorite?

It’s been 15 years since the gravity-bending Super Mario Galaxy graced our screens with its unique controls and approach to platforming.

Additionally, this game came on the heels of a disappointing outing for the rotund plumber as Super Mario Sunshine didn’t bring in the success many thought it would. Super Mario Galaxy shattered expectations and became a bona fide classic.

The accolades are there showing a lot of love for the game and that is, in part, because of its level design.

Galaxy features 42 total worlds called galaxies. This game broke them into robust galaxies (15) featuring multiple missions, mystery galaxies (20) that feature one mission, and boss galaxies (six) which feature a boss battle. 

These numbers shatter previous 3D Mario total worlds, featuring a diverse universe to explore. 

That said, which galaxy is your favorite?

Image Credit: Nintendo (via Super Mario Wiki)

One of my favorites in this game is the Space Junk Galaxy. This level features some of the most calming music and the platforming doesn’t incorporate your standard run and jump. It is mostly run through pull stars and dodging obstacles.

I’ve always been a fan of space and this galaxy helped me feel like I was roaming on an interstellar journey. It’s always stuck with me as unique and atmospheric.

The other galaxy I always enjoyed was the Honeyclimb Galaxy. This level was largely just a honeycomb wall that Mario must scale in his Honeybee costume. 

Image Credit: Nintendo (via Super Mario Wiki)

This is a mystery galaxy so players only have one mission but, for me, it was so memorable. I was always a fan of when you used the bee costume in Mario Galaxy.

There were many other memorable galaxies in this game including Battlerock Galaxy, Loopdeloop Galaxy, Beach Bowl Galaxy, and Gusty Garden Galaxy. 

Super Mario Galaxy was always a joy to play. It was difficult in its own right but its level design was both unique and memorable. The use of motion controls also helped it to stay memorable for years to come.

But what do you think? Which Super Mario Galaxy level was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by heading over to our Discord channel. Be sure to check out our discussion surrounding your favorite levels from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

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