Nintendo Announces Pikmin 4 Release Date Alongside New Trailer

In today’s Nintendo Direct, fans finally received a trailer and release date for the long-awaited Pikmin 4. The new trailer shows off some lovely gameplay, alongside some new pilots, a new Pikmin type in the form of Ice Pikmin, as well as Oatchi, a dog-like friend who will join you on your adventure.

Shepherd, one of the game’s pilots, communicating with the player and their party of Pikmin. (Source: Nintendo)

Officially announced back in September 2022, the game is now set to release July 21st, 2023 for Nintendo Switch.

The new entry in the franchise has been teased since Pikmin 3 came to the Wii U in 2013, and talk of the new entry began to stir even more after Pikmin 3 Deluxe came to Switch in 2020. While there are more details on Pikmin 4 yet to come, expect to be able to grab it (month).

Watch today’s Nintendo Direct here, and catch the Pikmin 4 Trailer in the first few minutes!

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Featured Image: Nintendo

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