Boss Rush Banter: What Could Nintendo Possibly Manifest for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom DLC?

After putting a considerable amount of time into the latest journey through Hyrule, I really could see the time and effort that the development team fused into the overall experience. The smooth buttery physics, game mechanics, musical placement, and interesting story makes it hard to put thew game down. I really did start to wonder though, what more could Nintendo add to the game in a DLC format that would make the experience even better? Let us speculate.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild we received two DLC waves and some bonuses when purchasing the expansion pass. The bonus contained treasure chests containing clothing items and useful items. Wave 1 brought hard mode, cave of trials, and map data features like the travel path of your own personal adventure. Lastly, wave 2 Introduced more shrines, a new dungeon, amazing boss fight, and a motorcycle. With all this knowledge of what we received in Breath of the Wild what would we potentially see in Tears of the Kingdom?

What I expect: When looking at the past DLC I can put together a solid list of what we would most likely expect. This would include more clothing items, more paraglider designs, new shrines, and a hard mode. These I would expect to return without hesitation. We would most likely also see a dungeon of some kind. This of course is not the exciting part because its always way more fun to speculate new things.

What I hope: What I hope to seeis deeper story giving us some answers, but also creating more questions that could lead to future titles. Also, a brand-new area to explore whether that be mainland, above or below the ground, an island or possibly through time. I enjoy new dungeons to explore, but I enjoy well thought out new areas, in parallel, with interesting stories. What I would really enjoy is DLC to explore the Blood Moon phenomenon and how it works and how to stop the occurrence. It would be so interesting to create a vehicle to reach the orbiting moon to explore its surface. This is a bit out there, but this could also be the premise of a third game in this era of Hyrule.

So, with what you have experienced in past Zelda DLC and what you have played in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom what do you expect to see when DLC is announced? What do you hope to see? What lore would you want Nintendo to flesh out more in the DLC that would create better story elements to the already vast history of the Zelda franchise? Let us know your thoughts.

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