Retrospective: Why Jurassic Park Is Still Beloved 30 Years Later

On June 11, 1993, Steven Spielberg’s film Jurassic Park, opened in theaters. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, this beloved movie was on the cutting edge of what was possible in film.

What makes Jurassic Park so beloved three decades after its release?

One of the things that speaks to me the most is the feeling of discovery, of wonder that the film provides. Part of that is due to the wonderful work done by composer John Williams. Jurassic Park is perhaps my favorite of his scores.

Yes, horrible things happen throughout the movie. But at the beginning and the end there are beautiful moments where we get to share in the character’s wonders. There in front of them are dinosaurs. Actual real, live dinosaurs. 

Take, for instance, the moment Grant falls to his knees in shock. There, in front of him, is his life’s work. And he’s overwhelmed.

Honestly, it is something that we are lacking in modern cinema. The world is full of so many amazing things but rarely do we stop to enjoy them. Movies are supposed to be an escape and when they incorporate that sense of wonder, it allows us the chance to feel it. 

And in today’s world, that’s something we sorely need. 

I think writers as a whole should watch this movie because it is a masterclass of pacing. The movie feels shorter than it is because the story flows so naturally. One of my key points of analyzing writing is studying the pacing. If it works, you don’t notice it as much. It is something you only naturally notice when it’s gone wrong.

When all the pieces work in concert the way they do in Jurassic Park, it allows the movie to soar to new heights.

Happy Birthday, Jurassic Park. Here’s to the next three decades.

If you happen to visit Universal Orlando Resort this summer, you can visit the special 30th Anniversary Tribute store which features concept art and props from the original production.

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Featured Image: IMDb

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