Three New Warhammer Board Games are Coming Soon: Fan-Favorite Models, Underworlds, and Space Marines

Playing a wargame for the first time can be imposing. Not only is it a new game to learn, you have a potentially huge number of models to marshal and rules to learn. And, of course, the best part: many models to paint.

One way some wargame miniature companies make it easier to enter is by selling self-contained board games. They help you learn the rules, give you a respectable starting number of models, and help you enter the game without it feeling so imposing.

On that note, Games Workshop is releasing three new board games in the near future, two in their Warhammer 40,000 science fiction setting and one in their Age of Sigmar fantasy setting.

Space Marine: The Board Game

Space Marine: The Board Game contains 23 miniatures – Lieutenant Titus, 20 Termagants, and two Ripper Swarms. The game also includes a double-sided game board, a 40-page rulebook including backstory, two training missions, and two unique missions – plus gameplay materials like dice.

This game will initially be sold exclusively in Target stores in the United States. A similar set will be coming to other territories at a later date. Online pre-orders at Target’s website have already sold out. The Lieutenant Titus miniature will also be released separately in the future.

Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast

Descend into the lair of a deadly alien Ambull for glory, revenge, or profit in Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast – an action-packed game for two to four players featuring an eclectic collection of Warhammer miniatures. Pick from one of 10 diverse characters – from Space Marine Sergeant Vennaro to the oddly self-aware ‘robot’ UR-025 – each with their own unique skills and talents, to battle both the Ambull and each other to emerge victorious.

Warhammer Community

Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast reissues a number of fan-favorite miniatures that have otherwise been out of print. The game will be released later this month at Barnes and Noble in North America, and Müller, Thalia, Elbenwald, and GameStop in Germany.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set

The city of Shadespire is a dark and gloomy place, full of deathless warbands clamouring for glory and shadeglass, and the new Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set will pitch you right into the centre of a no-holds-barred battle for survival. This fast-paced game for two players marries the intricately detailed miniatures you love with strategic card game mechanics, as you pull off brazen gambits and upgrade your fighters to claim victory.

Warhammer Community

The Starter Set contains two full warbands – the Stormcast Eternals of Ironsoul’s Condemnors and the undead Sepulchral Guard – as well as two 32-card Rivals decks, over 100 gameplay tokens, and two complete rulebooks. Games Workshop will release more information soon.

Games Workshop no longer credits model designers and painters by name. This is unacceptable. As the creative force that keeps the company running, the artists responsible deserve full, clear, and public credit.

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Source: Warhammer Community

Featured Image: Warhammer Community

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