Age of Sigmar: The Wildercorps Hunters and their Dogs Scout Ahead

The Wildercorps Hunters are dispatched ahead of the armies of the Cities of Sigmar. These expert trackers have an intimate knowledge of the wilds across the Mortal Realms. Often recruited from the Reclaimed – those peoples who survived for generations under the cruel lash of Chaos – they’ve endured sickness, hunger, and inclement weather to hone their skills to a keen knife’s edge.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

The Wildercorps are accompanied by Trailhounds, dogs bred for their keen senses and powerful jaws. They seek out rival scouts and find groves and warrens where their masters can lie in wait.

In battle, they use their foreknowledge of the battlefield to remain hidden. They can’t be targeted when they’re in cover or outside of a 12″ range. All the while, they target, earning an extra pip of Rend on their ambushes.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

The Wildercorps Hunters can also be played as a Warcry warband. They are expected to be available later this year.

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Source: Warhammer Community

Featured Image: Warhammer Community

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