Boss Rush Banter: Why Lucifer Is The Most Underrated Comic Book Show

Comic book storylines have had quite a run in film and TV and yet there are still some that fly under the radar.

Movies have largely dominated the spotlight in terms of comic book-based media, but there’s been a lot done in television. The Arrow-verse gathered praise throughout its run while Marvel has loaded up some successful shows on Disney Plus.

Still, shows like The Umbrella Academy, Invincible, Legion, and many others push the genre and find a specific niche for themselves without drawing big attention. One such show I’ve particularly enjoyed that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is Lucifer.

This show centers on the devil as he leaves his duties in Hell to open a nightclub in Los Angeles. The show is loosely based on DC’s Vertigo comic series of the same name.

Lucifer does a fantastic job at blending procedural cop drama with the fantasy genre. In a lot of ways, this show fits with shows like X-Files or Sleepy Hollow. What sets it apart is Lucifer as a character.

Tom Ellis does a phenomenal job at portraying the devil. He captures the charismatic yet mischievous nature Lucifer should possess. What takes the character to a new level is when you see just how complex it is being the devil.

Lucifer does a fantastic job at humanizing not just the titular character, but the many imperfect people around him. You learn of Lucifer’s family drama and why he opted to leave Hell in the first place.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television (via Collider)

Furthermore, Lucifer does all this within the confines of a network procedural cop dramady. Lucifer teams with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and helps her solve crimes as an informant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

This section largely leans into the issue-of-the-week format that does dominate procedural cop shows. However, the way the show weaves the overarching plot with the weekly situations is amazing as it gives it a fresh feel.

Overall, the plot feels fresh. Sure, redemption stories are overdone, but not many of them focus on the devil himself, let alone make him likeable. It’s just a lot of fun to watch.

Fox kept the show for three seasons before canceling it. Shortly thereafter, Netflix picked it up and ran it for three more seasons. What’s crazy is fans of the show were so high on Lucifer that Netflix planned to end it after two seasons but brought it back for a third.

There are so many underrated comic book shows our there that deserve love. Lucifer, in particular, was one that really gripped me throughout the series. Life has slowed my TV-watching habits so I haven’t had a chance to finish the show yet. Still, I have loved every second I’ve spent watching it, and I know I’ll enjoy finishing it

What about you? What comic book show do you believe is the most underrated? What are your thoughts on Lucifer? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Discord to join the conversation.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Television (via Wallpaper Abyss)

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