REVIEW: Peacock’s Twisted Metal From the Perspective of Someone Who’s Never Played the Games

Peacock’s Twisted Metal proves that video game adaptations aren’t dead. The show benefits from a lineup of characters that, while well-defined, aren’t necessarily fleshed out story-wise in the games (with the exception of Sweet Tooth).

And it’s hard to go wrong with high-octane car battles.

This is a spoiler-free review.


Twisted Metal, which Michael Jonathan Smith adapts, tells the story of how John Doe (Anthony Mackie), a delivery driver or “milkman” in post-apocalyptic America, is offered a chance at a better life if he can deliver a mysterious package. The show also gives plenty of insight into Sweet Tooth’s (Joe Seanoa/Will Arnett) backstory. Sweet Tooth is a killer clown questing for “the one that got away.” Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz) is a new addition to the cast of characters and she fits right in. Her story clashes with John Doe’s but that’s what makes them such a dynamic duo.

It’s hard to talk about the synopsis much more than that without getting into spoilers, so here is the trailer if you want to check out more.

Video Credit: NBC/Peacock


I never expected a show of this caliber from Peacock/NBC. This explicit, yet nuanced character-driven gem is a welcome surprise. Twisted Metal feels like it was crafted with care for the small details. You can feel it from the moment the instruction manual for the first game lands on John Doe’s windshield in the first car chase until the credits roll on the finale.

Final Score (5 out of 5 stars)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Twisted Metal a fun show because of it’s character-driven action-comedy engine. It never takes itself too seriously, but then, in some moments, it does! It pulls if off too because the show does an excellent job of getting you invested in its characters. John Doe and Quiet get into hilarious riffs with one another that keep going because of their opposing goals.

Will Arnett as the voice of Sweet Tooth was a fantastic decision. He brings a level of gravitas that make every line of his feel charged. He steals the spotlight, but never overstays his welcome. I can easily see why he’s a fan-favorite. His character singlehandedly made me want to check out the games. Since writing the majority of this article I have started playing Twisted Metal (2012).

One last thing, the ending for this show got me hyped for a season two in a way other shows have not for a while. If you’ve seen all the episodes like I have, I’m sure you likely feel the same way.

What did you think of Peacock’s Twisted Metal? Was it as much of a bloodstained gem that came seemingly out of left field for you as it was for me? Join the Boss Rush Discord and share your thoughts.

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