Indie Horror Title, Slay the Princess, Gets Release Date at Fear Fest

Slay the Princess is a horror, “choose your own adventure” visual novel that has made appearences at places like PAX East 2023’s PAX Rising Showcase. It is completely hand drawn from the Ignatz-winning graphic novelist, Abby Howard (The Crossroads at Midnight, The Last Halloween) and is fully voiced. Today, at Fright Fest 2023, we get a release date with the list of platforms.

Slay the Princess will drop on October 20th, 2023 for PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck for $17.99 USD. It will launch with a 10% discount. It will also be available as a bundle with Black Tabby Games’ other title, Scarlet Hollow.

“It starts out simple…And, ultimately, it stays simple — the premise never changes. You’re here to slay the Princess, and you need to slay her to save the entire world. But trust is a fragile thing, and the context around the goal changes dramatically the more decisions you make and the more you develop your relationship with the characters and the world. We’re really excited to see how everyone navigates these surreal gray waters.”

-Tony Howard-Arias, Lead Writer at Black Tabby Games

I was lucky enough to see the game on the PAX Rising Showcase floor and even speak with Tony and Abby in a Boss Rush Spotlight interview. It gives off Stanley Parable vibes where one may wonder how reliable the narrator is. This game encourages you to replay it over and over in order to seek out the various endings.

Check out the trailer below:

Credit: Black Tabby Games

Wishlist Slay the Princess if you haven’t already, and be sure to play it when it releases October 20th (just in time for Halloween)!

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Source:  Black Tabby Games

Featured Image Source: Black Tabby Games

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