Pathfinder Revolution! Brings Scheming and Subterfuge to a Classic Location

Fresh on the heels of their Second Edition Remaster Project, Paizo’s Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game pushes its bounds even further. Set within the tabletop’s setting of Golarian, Steve Jackson Games has announced the release of their latest board game, Pathfinder Revolution!

The game is based on 2009’s Revolution!, designed by Philip duBarry and edited by Steve Jackson. Secret bidding wars and careful strategizing are critical to success in this cutthroat game of political influence. Utilizing money, blackmail, and brute force, three to six players vie for control in a city rife with competing factions and individuals.

In Pathfinder Revolution!, that city is Korvosa, a place with diabolic history and home to the cursed Crimson Throne. In this unique setting, players can bribe and sway organizations like the criminal Catsdew Lofties, or the iconic Hellknights. Keen-eyed veterans of the Pathfinder tabletop might recognize Korvosa from 2008’s Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Revolution! includes everything necessary to keep track of up to six players’ machinations, as well as a double-sided gameboard that features Korvosa and its territories.

Whether you’re a Pathfinder player looking for a fresh take on the setting of a classic adventure or a board game veteran with a taste for outbidding the competition, Pathfinder Revolution! is available on the Paizo store, Steve Jackson Games’ online retailer Warehouse 23, or your friendly local game store.

How do you plan to outwit the opposition and conquer Korvosa? Let us know in the comments, or hit up our Discord channel to outline your strategies.

Source: Paizo

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