“R2 put full power into the blasters, let’s show the Empire what we can do”!

By Logan Corkins

There is nothing quite like sitting in the cockpit of the iconic X-Wing. The history of the X-Wing and the battles we as fans have watched it played pivotal roles in is nothing short of incredible. Star Wars Squadrons gives you the opportunity to fly the X-Wing as well as other legendary spacecraft in the most immersive Star Wars game to date. This is the official review of Star Wars Squadrons from Boss Rush Games, let’s get into it!!!!

At its core Squadrons is a really simple game…fly around, shoot down enemies, and complete the objective. However, it’s when you dive into the heart of this game that you see its magic, magic in the form of flying missions with Wedge Antilles, or getting more to the story of what happened between Star Wars 5 & 6. This review is going to be a little different because the rest of it is going to be summed up with The Good & The Bad. 

The Good

It’s really easy to see the good in Star Wars Squadrons, the flight mechanics are unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The fluidity of the controls allows you to pull off the craziest of maneuvers (including drifting an A-Wing). The story while simple, is full of great action, and gives you moments you genuinely care about. The graphics are absolutely stunning and really give you the depth and precision that EA has really nailed lately with their games. 

The big outstanding thing in Star Wars Squadrons is the audio…this game has some of the coolest, most precise moving audio that I have experienced in a game. As fighters fly around you, you can tell exactly where they are just based on the sound of their engines. Squadrons is begging to be played on the PS5 with its enhanced audio features! 

The Bad

EA makes a lot of typical EA mistakes in this game, from load times to weird facial animation glitches, to the radar just straight up not working half the time. Let’s start with the Radar, the radar plays a pivotal role in chasing targets that aren’t close enough to track by sound. I found in about a quarter of the missions I played that the radar just straight up didn’t work. When a key component doesn’t work, especially in big missions it kills the life of the game. 

I know this game was built for VR but the briefings and after mission character interactions are extremely stiff and show no creativity to the characters. The gameplay missions are fun but I skipped a majority of the interactions in the hangers. 

Star Wars Squadrons is not a bad game by any means, but it lacks creativity outside of the gameplay.

Overall I like this game but I am not in love with Star Wars Squadrons, I would love to see EA build more into this game but in typical EA fashion, they are not adding anything story-wise into the game. Using our letter grade system I would give this a C+…its good but really not great!