Letter from the Editor February 2021

Hello everyone, 

This year started a little different than I think we all hoped, but it’s not going to change my outlook on what I aim to bring to our communities and the digital space for the rest of it. We strive to give our communities great shows, great streams, great videos, and a great place to feel like they can be the best versions of themselves. This year I have seen incredible growth in everyone. It has been really humbling seeing what one idea can do for so many. 

I’m going to level with everyone. I want to work in this industry. I hope that one day my work with Boss Rush Games, Nerds Gone Rogue, and The DNA Network, as well as my new personal content will lead to something greater. It’s a lot to expect at thirty four years old, and honestly, I don’t know if it ever will. But one thing is for certain, I will continue to pour all of my effort into making quality my top priority. Create for the job you want, not the one you have. Creating content with Boss Rush Games has been an experience I will never forget.

I know my goals are shared by many, and why most people become content creators. They want to be a small part of the industry we all love in some capacity, whether it’s working at IGN or Game Informer, being a full time streamer, or making their own content like Kinda Funny or Easy Allies. It’s a journey that I hope Boss Rush Games facilitates for everyone involved who has those goals, whether it’s part of the team proper or via The Network. 

Now there is something I need to mention. Within the next few weeks, there will be a transition where the leadership team will be overseeing the project, leading new ideas and bringing in new faces. I will be on hiatus (except for a few behind the scenes things) helping my wife through the rest of her pregnancy and taking care of my kids for a few months. I have incredible faith in my team and the transition will be seamless to the fans. 

Boss Rush Games has become bigger than any one personality, one show, one group. It’s become a small but incredible symbol of positivity in the gaming space and sets a standard for allowing everyone to be who they are as creators. There are new ideas are in motion, new additions to the network underway, and a bright future for all of the teams. It has been my honor to lead this group to where it is today. We couldn’t be where we are with out you.

Thank you all for reading and until next time, be you. Be more. Be better. 


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