Season of the Chosen Initial Impressions, The HELM, and Emails – Tower Casuals: The Destiny Podcast Episode 28

This week, Corey and Josh discuss their initial impressions of Season of the Chosen, the lack of D1 parity in the Cosmodrome, the awesome Trials of Osiris Armor, Seasonal challenges, The Helm, and some of the new weapons. This week’s lore corner involves 2 stories: The story of the Ghost from the Deep Stone Crypt and Elsie Bray’s time loop (possible pre-Destiny 1) and another about the Radiant Accipiter, The Crow, and the path of the last Speaker, possibly hinting at a new hierarchy of Guardians.

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Time Stamps:
9:35 – TWAB Recap and Cosmodrome
24:27 – Trials Returns
27:11 – Expansion Impressions
36:26 – The Helm
50:31 – Seasonal Challenges and Vendor Changes
1:06:28 – Thoughts on New Weapons
1:24:37 – Email: Wants from Future Expansions and Seasons
1:41:41 – Lore Corner – Deep Stone Crypt Ghost and Elsie Bray Time Loop
1:46:42 – Lore Corner – The Hawkmoon, Crow, and The Last Speaker
1:59:11 – Outro

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