Octopath Traveler and Undertale Make Their Way To Game Pass

Hot off the heels of announcing 20+ new games coming to Xbox’s Game Pass service, Microsoft is not done yet bringing more games in. Formerly a Nintendo Switch and PC exclusive, Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler will arrive to Xbox’s Game Pass on PC and Xbox One and Series X/S consoles March 25th. 

The role-playing game was released in summer of 2018 featuring a unique graphic aesthetic dubbed “HD-2D”, which combined Super Nintendo-style sprite graphics mixed with polygonal backgrounds and particle effects. You play as eight different characters, all with their own backstory and skill-sets, who come together to fight an empire bent on destruction and chaos. The game features old-school style turn based combat in which you can attack with various weapons and elemental abilities. Each character plays a role not only in combat, but also in interactions with the non-playable-characters you meet. 

The game reviewed very favorably, receiving an 83 on Metacritic

Additionally, Undertale (never released before on Xbox) will immediately make its way to Game Pass. Undertale features a battle system similar to bullet-hell games, with multiple endings and giving you the ability to either kill or spare your enemies. Beware, the game is aware of everything you do, and everything you say. Everything.

Microsoft keeps hitting it out of the park with these Game Pass announcements! Do you think Microsoft has more to announce as the days go by? Give us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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