Jade Raymond New Studio Haven Will Debut Its First Title On PlayStation

You can call it a comeback. After Google closed Stadia Games And Entertainment, Jade Raymond didn’t waste anytime on finding a new home. Located in Montreal, Canada, Haven Entertainment Studio plans to make it debut on PlayStation. Raymond, the 25 year veteran, CEO, and Founder, built the independent studio with other developers she had worked with to inspire and create. At this time, no news about the name, genre, release date, or trailer has been revealed, but with Raymond’s determination and experience, the gaming world will be ready to receive the new game.

You can read about the announcement via Raymond’s blog here; in it, she explains how she is excited about her independent studio.

Future EA games could incorporate fan theories, player data, streamers -  Polygon

With Haven being an independent studio, is it possible could we see their titles come to other platforms? Share your reactions in the comments and over on our discord for Boss Rush Games.

Source: PlayStation

Image: cdn-vox, GoldenCheckPoint

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