A Letter from the Editor

Hello Readers,

As we start the month of April, I want to take a moment to thank you for being a part of our journey toward expansion. This past month (March 2021), we began the soft launch of our brand new writing initiative and website roll-out. It certainly wasn’t without its hiccups (who knew the Switch Pro was a hot button issue?!), but together we made the past 30 days the most successful in Boss Rush history.

As we move forward, I want to communicate what you can expect from our website, as well as to share a vision of our expansion with you. I’m so excited about the daily features we have integrated into our site; perhaps you’ve already enjoyed some of these and will soon experience others. The following is a list of features, along with the time and day of the week you can expect them. We hope this will make it easier for you to anticipate our content and hopefully join in the conversation.

Current Content:

Boss Rush Banter (1 pm Eastern, M-F): join in discussion and debate over the controversial topic of the day. Is Odyssey really the best Mario Ever? Is Fortnite the worst FPS? Make your voice heard and join in the discussion!

Weekly Staff Editorial (1 pm Eastern, Saturday): Our staff share their insights and perspectives about games, consoles, industry talk, and more from the world of gaming.

Weekly Game Review (1 pm Eastern, Sunday): Each week, we’ll bring you a deep dive review of games from long ago, yesterday, and today; whether you rock retro or are the first to play that latest release, you’ll love our Weekly Game Reviews.

Check out our Podcasts page to find great content that matches your passions.

In addition to these content fixtures, you can enjoy podcast episodes from the Boss Rush Network (our parent network and network of associate partners), which release almost daily at Boss Rush Games. Whether you’re looking for Nintendo content, the latest about PlayStation, or deep and thoughtful conversations with content creators in the industry, Boss Rush Network has something just for you.

As we move forward with a new vision for Boss Rush Games, our small but passionate team of writers is growing. Once we are fully staffed, we will be greatly expanding our written content and we can hardly wait to share all our new features with you. In the short term, you can expect more of the content listed above, as well as an increasing number of articles covering what’s new in the world of video games. We hope that you’ll love the content we produce; and perhaps if you feel inspired, leave us a comment below the article. You can also join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. We truly enjoy interacting with our readers!

Finally, if you’re passionate about games (of course you are!) and are interested in joining our volunteer writing team, we want to hear from you. Please email us at opportunities@bossrush.net to apply.

Thank you again for being a part of our expansion journey and joining the Boss Rush family. Whether you’re here for a moment or a lifetime, we hope you’ll continue to “Be you. Be more. Be Better.”

David Lasby
Boss Rush Games

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