Capcom Shares Details on New Street Fighter V Content

Capcom has revealed new content set to come to Street Fighter V via it’s spring and summer updates, including three new fighters.

 The first addition to the roster comes on April 19th in the form of Rose, a character last seen in Street Fighter IV. She is a fortune teller who uses the power of souls to do combat. In her move set is the ability Soul Fortune, which buffs herself or debuffs her opponent, as well as Soul Satellite, which causes an energy orb to circle around her and either damage opponents or deflect projectiles.

The second new character is Oro the wandering hermit, and will be premiering in the game sometime this summer. Oro can utilize a kick move called Tsuranekeashi to keep foes at bay, and an aerial attack called Minomushi that is useful in extending combos.

Capcom also uncovered a third fighter that’s coming this August, Akira Kazama. Astute gamers may recognize her from the video game franchise Rival Schools.  While not many details were given, Capcom did promise that more news will be coming “in the near future.”

Also part of the April 19th Spring Update are three new costumes for Vega, Seth, and Juri, which you can view below.

Capcom is still staying tight lipped about some details still to come in its Season 5 pass, including a fifth combatant, but you can see everything that Season 5 has to offer in the helpful chart below.

What new content are you most excited for? If you play Street Fighter V, do you play casually or competitively? We’d love to hear what you have to say!

Source: Official Playstation Blog

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