Street Fighter 6 Announced With Teaser Trailer, More Info Coming Summer 2022

The mysterious Capcom Countdown timer has ended, and with it comes the reveal of the next numbered entry in the storied Street Fighter franchise.

A teaser for Street Fighter 6 showcases series icon Ryu facing off against newcomer Luke, a brawler from the U.S.A. that was also the very last DLC character for Street Fighter V.

Interestingly, during Luke’s reveal late last year, Capcom proclaimed him as the “future of Street Fighter.” Having him dueling with Ryu, a character that has been the face of the franchise since the very beginning, is quite intriguing. Is Capcom hinting at retiring its classic roster for fresh faces to appeal to a new generation?

No actual gameplay was shown, but the cinematic trailer gives us a glimpse of what the final product will look like. It appears that Street Fighter 6 will tweak the art direction somewhat for more of a blend of the cartoon style with slightly more realism. Ryu also looks quite different than what fans may be accustomed to, appearing much older, sporting a beard, and shirtless so as to expose his even more bulging muscles than ever before.

Capcom promises that more details for the game will be coming “Summer 2022.”

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Source: Capcom

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