Pro Wrestling Power Rankings: Week 1

Wrestling Power Rankings

Boss Rush Entertainment is on a quest to deliver the content you want, and after some feedback from you the audience, we are proud to share our newest weekly article; pro wrestling power rankings! Each week, we will share with you our top male and female superstars from AEW and WWE. This list is built on who we think is having a great run in their respective storyline, and how we feel their feud is going over with the audience. Let’s get into this week of pro wrestling! 

  1. Pinnacle & Inner Circle (AEW)

AEW is building towards Blood & Guts and the main event will be a “War Games” style match between MJF led faction Pinnacle vs. Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. This feud has been fantastic and the build up has satisfied even the most casual of wrestling fans. “War Games” matches have been known to be one of the most brutal, terrifying, and blood spurting matches that pro wrestling offers. AEW is building this match to be a battle unlike any we have seen before. I am so hyped for this match that it has to be at the top of the power rankings.

  1. Daniel Bryan (WWE)

WWE had its issues this week, but Daniel Bryan shined on Friday Night Smackdown. Bryan was featured in a tag match with a rare teammate Cesaro going up against Jey Uso and Seth Rollins. The match featured a lot of good moments; the momentum swinging back and forth was fun to watch, and Bryan had a great spot on a tag. Overall, I am really digging the back and forth of Bryan and Cesaro and can’t wait for them to eventually feud. Bryan is in a confusing storyline post-Mania with Roman Reigns, and this is the first speed bump I think Reigns has had during his recent heel turn. If anyone on the roster can help Reigns gain momentum back, it’s the leader of the Yes Movement: Daniel Bryan.

  1. Darby Allin (AEW)

AEW is doing a phenomenal job booking its mid-tier championship, the TNT Championship. This past week on Dynamite; Darby Allin defended his championship against Jungle Boy in an instant classic. Throughout this match, I could not figure out who was going to win. Both superstars worked so well with each other; it was perfect ring chemistry that I haven’t seen out of Jungle Boy. Darby has been great as a champion, and I cannot wait to see what else AEW has planned for the TNT Championship. 

  1. Kushida (WWE NXT) 

NXT has made me care of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship; this isn’t a sentence I thought I would type. Kushida had a great championship defense against Lorcan. Lorcan is a superstar that I have always thought was underutilized as a tag team superstar, in a one-on-one match with Kushida he really shined. Kushida and Lorcan had a great match, but the finish is what I like the best. Kushida made Lorcan tap out in a submission to retain his title, and this is a rare thing in Cruiserweight matches. Cruiserweights are known for using high flyers, high impact, fast-paced style in their matches. Submission finishes are about as rare as a Curt Hawkins win. 

  1. Charlotte Flair (WWE)

The “Raw after Mania” saw the return of one of the most successful female superstars in WWE history, Charlotte Flair. Flair has been on a warpath for the Raw Women’s Title since her return, and this past week she went after current champion Rhea Ripley. Charlotte is best as a heel, and this return has proven why she is so damn good as a villain. Charlotte has the best of her dad’s (Hall of Famer Rick Flair) skills and then takes it to a new level with her pure athleticism. Flair will regain her title in the future, and I cannot wait for the epic showdown she is headed towards with Rhea Ripley. 

  1. Apollo Crews (WWE)

At WrestleMania, Apollo Crews won the Intercontinental Championship from Big E, and this week he had his first title defense against Kevin Owens. As perplexed as I was as to why it was Owens in this match, by the end I could clearly see why. Kevin Owens is entering the John Cena phase of his career, meaning his whole job is to put people over while still being the beast that he is. Owens made me believe in Apollo Crews this week, and that is something I thought would be a struggle. Vince McMahon is reportedly excited to push Crews, and I love where they are going. 

  1. L.A. Knight (WWE NXT) 

Knight was in action this past Tuesday against NXT veteran Dexter Lumis. I think Knight is a diamond in the rough, this match is a perfect example of why. Throughout this match Knight would make a small mistake and then learn from it, it’s a quality that makes NXT unique. NXT isn’t the “main roster” and is a place where a superstar can mess up but learn from it. Knight had a few moments where he miscued with Lumis; but to his credit, he learned fast and corrected perfectly. 

  1. Tay Conti (AEW)

I have been openly critical of how AEW has booked its Women’s Division. This past week on Dynamite, Hikaru Shida defended her title against Conti in an epic showdown. AEW did a great job of making this match feel like a pay-per-view fight. Heck, I would have paid to see this match. Conti took the pin but this isn’t the last time she will fight for the championship, she is a star in the making. 

  1. Matt Riddle (WWE)

Riddle may have lost his United States Championship at WrestleMania; however, Riddle has solid momentum. Riddle faced off against The Legend Killer Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw this past week and the two had a solid match. Orton made a crucial mistake by not taking an “exploder” correctly and ended up injuring himself, but he helped put Riddle over in a great match. I am really curious as to where creative is taking Matt Riddle. 

  1. Bayley (WWE) 

Bayley making this power ranking is complete and utter bias, and I don’t care that I admit it. Bayley has been announced to be the challenger for Bianca Belair at WrestleMania Backlash in May. I love that Bayley is a heel, and I know she is going to help put Belair even more over than she already is when these two face off at Backlash!

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