Boss Rush Banter: Who’s The Best Studio Producing Games Right Now?

(Takes a sip of water as I walk to the podium) I have been playing games for 36 years. I’ve experienced a multitude of genres, a mixture of games like Pac-Man Pinball, and even have talked to developers and gaming journalists. Throughout my life, I have become familiar with the quality of a lot of studios, and while some have been very decisive or outright on my questionable content list, I can’t deny one studio who produces some blockbuster games. No matter what I say or think, this particular studio deserves everything they worked hard for.

Yes, everyone. Naughty Dog is the best studio making games right now. They’ve come away with some Game Of The Year awards, D.I.C.E Awards, British Academy Game Awards, and more. The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us Part II has swept many award shows, websites, fan favorites, and more. I have purchased most of their catalogue on Sony’s platforms. Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and one of their most well known franchises, Crash Bandicoot.

Remastered 'Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy' For PS4 Hits PlayStation  Store

Crash and Daxter at one point, were the mascots for PlayStation with their ads and other use of marketing. They won Studio Of The Year at the 2013 at the Video Game Awards, and The Golden Joystick Awards. Plus, they won it again last year at the Golden Joystick Awards. That is a difficult thing to do as a studio, because the quality and production of your game has to surpass expectations, and be at a high-level of quality that is hard to reproduce.

Outside of sales for their games, it is their story driven games that are unmatched. They way they use their characters and how they present these cinematic games of now with Uncharted 4 and The Last Of Us Part II being their latest games on PlayStation 4, the performances make you feel for every character you play and encounter. The moments of build up. and the suspense in areas that are dark and quiet are remarkable. Even when you explore the environment, Naughty Dog has the tendency to keep you on edge of your seat and give you a break when they deem it is necessary.

Viewing My Real Culture in a Digital World in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Even as a Nintendo fan as myself, and my thoughts on one of Naughty Dog’s titles (takes another sip while flashes of Uncharted 2 appear in my brain), I cannot stand here and deny that they deserve the awards and recognition that they’ve received. I’ve played and finished a lot of their thoughtful and creative works. I’ve completed one of my all time favorites from them, Jak and Daxter, and suffered, but finished all of Crash Bandicoot 2, when I was recovering a broken foot. Their games have a magical nature that keeps me enraptured in their games.

I have to admit that Naughty Dog is the best studio producing games at this moment. Some studios wish they can pull that same level of quality off. Even though Nintendo, Microsoft, and other studios have amazing and iconic work, a lot of them don’t hold a candle to Naughty Dog.

Congrats Naughty Dog on every accomplishment you achieved, and continue to bring gamers around the world towards your enchanting work.

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