Switch Sales Lead Nintendo Financials – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 245

This week, Dan hosts for Ed and Corey returns as they, David, and special guest Stoy from EXPCast discuss Metroid Prime Trilogy’s rumored port, Mario Maker 2, what they want from Mario Kart 9, and Nintendo’s record setting financials.   

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
4:11 – Snacktendo
10:32 – Metroid Prime Trilogy
20:08 – Mario Maker 2
27:29 – Fortnite and Samus
36:28 – Game Builder Garage
41:51 – Shoutouts
43:00 – Game Fact Advance
47:03 – Docked Mode: Nintendo Financials
1:01:31 – Top 10 Switch Games Sales
1:25:13 – Mario Kart 9
1:31:10 – Playing With Power  

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