Nintendo Museum to Open & How Nintendo Directs Changed the Industry – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 249

This week, Ed, Corey, David, Jacob, and special guest Nick from WASD and Beyond come together the week before E3 to discuss the new Nintendo museum called Nintendo Gallery, Nintendo winning a lawsuit against a ROM site, a Japanese sales milestone, and design their own Nintendo Direct. All that more this week on Nintendo Pow Block!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
7:07 – Snacktendo
19:44 – Game Fact Advance
24:36 – Nintendo Gallery
38:01 – Nintendo Direct Next Week
46:24 – 20 Million Switches in Japan
1:05:20 – Lawsuit
1:16:29 – Docked Mode
1:45:29 – Playing With Power
1:55:30 – Outros and Plugs

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