Boss Rush Banter: Which RPG Should Square Enix Remake in the Style of Octopath Traveler?

Ever since Square Enix announced the remake of Dragon Quest III in an art style similar to Octopath Traveler, the internet has been going crazy with ideas about which RPGs should be remade next. There is of course the usual classics like Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger, or even one of the Trials of Mana games. But what about outside of those usual suspects? This has me considering whether Square Enix should remake more of their classic RPGs in this same style, and which games would even work with this style?

In a time before Enix fused with their rival Square to create the fusion we all know today as Square Enix, there was a game series published by Enix  that was loved by all that played it, but lived in the realm of obscurity to those that didn’t know of the legendary series. The games were known as the Quintet series, a trio of games made by Quintet that were one-off RPGs, harder to find than an odd sock. One particular RPG that was rarer than the rest; that RPG is known as Terranigma.

Terranigma is a real-time RPG about a young boy named Ark, who opens a forbidden door and finding a mysterious chest sets a chain of events into motion. After Ark opens the chest, he meets a demon that freezes the world over. After Ark meets the Elder, it is up to Ark to save the citizens of the world.

What makes Terranigma so special is that it has an ever-changing world the further you progress through the game. It feels amazing. Terranigma also deals with some adult themes surrounded by life and death with possibly one of the saddest endings in gaming history. On a personal level, it was one of the first games that made me cry, and was my first RPG I played on the legendary NES.

Even at the time, Terranigma was such a rare game that the only way most people experienced its magnificence was if they played it through emulation, especially if they lived in the many NTSC regions, (aka North America and South America, where the game never released as Nintendo published the game in Pal regions but decided not to do the same for NTSC regions). Perhaps for this reason alone Square needs to give this classic game another chance and allow the world to experience its magnificence; plus it would be interesting to see Square Enix remaking a real-time RPG in the same vein as Octopath Traveler.

To be honest, I would be happy just to see Terranigma get a re-release, but if I could get a full remake with its two unofficial prequel/sequels (Illusion of Gaia/Time and Soul Blazer), then I could die happy (don’t quote me on that Square Enix).

What Square Enix RPG would you like to see get the ‘Octopath’ remake? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord!

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