Ubisoft Unveils Riders Republic

Ubisoft announced new details about the winter/spring extreme sports game Riders Republic at Ubisoft Forward today. Riders Republic gives players the freedom to explore breathtaking mountains on a snowboard and beautiful valleys and hills on a mountain bike. Riders Republic is the perfect combination of open-world extreme sports mixed with a looter that has costumes and insanely cool gear.

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Ubisoft created the foundation for this game back in 2016 when they released the open-world winter extreme sports game Steep; Ubisoft built on this foundation by adding a mix of BMX options and continuing to build on fan-favorite modes like windsurfing and paragliding. Ubisoft has promised players that Riders Republic is going to feature costume and skin options that rival the top customization games and players will be able to earn new skins by completing in-game challenges. Ubisoft is building on feedback from Steep by adding more developer-created jumps and grind rails for both snowboarding and BMX; plus Riders Republic gives you the chance to compete against your friends in big online races! During the Ubisoft Forward Presentation Ubisoft unveiled a new game mode called “Trick Attack” where players will try to out best each other by pulling off bigger and bigger tricks until one is crowned champion.  Fans of Steep will be excited to see the return of Jetpack Gliding, the new trailer featured several shots of players taking to the sky with their jetpacks to explore beautiful canyons while BMX riders were shown exploring the natural landscape underneath. 


Ubisoft has established itself as a great developer for extreme sports, and I think Riders Republic will be another trick in their bag that makes them stand out for gamers. Ubisoft has changed the art style for Riders Republic by giving the environment details and textures that make it feel insanely real meanwhile it’s given the riders a more animated look that compliments the rest of the world. I am extremely excited to see more of the customization options that Ubisoft reveals as it prepares to launch players into the world of Riders Republic

Riders Republic will release on September 2nd on PS4, PS5, XBOX One, XBOX Series S, and XBOX Series X.

Source: Ubisoft

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