Got Milk? No Need to Ask with Indie Showcase Game Moo Lander

During E3’s hour-long Indie Showcase, one particular trailer stood out to many viewers: a 2D puzzle-platformer featuring funky cows and alien-like creatures. Welcome to Moo Lander, developed and published by THE SIXTH HAMMER.

“In the past, there were two ancient civilizations– the Anunnaki and the Landers…They raised cows and used their milk and a primary resource…But in time the Anunnaki became greedy and wanted all the milk for themselves. That led to The Great War. After long and devastating battles between the two peoples, most of the cows were killed and both civilizations were doomed to extinction…”

The game’s premise revolves around your journey to retrieve a device that supposedly is able to generate an infinite supply of milk. You navigate the 2D world with your ship while besting enemies in your path, including cows! In addition to the traditional gameplay, there is also a 4-player multiplayer mode.

The vivid colors and orchestral music boost Moo Lander to a new level of quality that many gamers love about indie games. Moo Lander will be released Spring 2022 on the following platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t done so, please check out the Moo Lander trailer:

What do you think of Moo Lander? I know this is on my wish list! Let us know on our dedicated E3 Discord channel for Boss Rush!

Sources: Indie Showcase, Moolander

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