One Lonely Outpost is a Farming Sim…in Space

Yet another featured title from E3’s Indie Showcase was One Lonely Outpost. The hour-long dedication to indie devs and publishers provided a spectrum of genres, including a farming sim. However, One Lonely Outpost expands into outer space, giving gamers even more to explore and sink their teeth into.

Brad Petry of Aurorian Studios shared his inspiring journey toward game creation during the livestream. With the support of his family, Brad worked with his therapist as he grew up to overcome his Aspergers and established himself in a team of twenty to create One Lonely Outpost. It’s stories like these that attract fans to indie devs and their games.

About One Lonely Outpost:

When arriving at this space colony, you can choose a natural or synthetic approach to farming. Each comes with its own set of challenges. Beyond the farm, you meet and bond with various characters that also dwell on the planet. You can explore remote areas and discover alien ruins.

Aurorian Studio’s spin on 8-bit music aligns with One Lonely Outpost‘s pixel art and helps drive the narrative.

One Lonely Outpost arrives October 2021 on PC and Mac. Please check out the trailer if you haven’t done so already.

 With past hits like the Harvest Moon franchise and Stardew Valley, do you think One Lonely Outpost will have a successful launch (pun intended)? Let us know on our dedicated E3 Discord channel for Boss Rush!

Source: Indie Showcase, One Lonely Outpost

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